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All the products listed on this page have been used by my customers over an extended period of time and are highly recommended by myself...

Farrier's Formula


Farrier's Formula® is a pelleted feed supplement designed specifically to provide the nutritional "currency" to enable horses to build strong connective tissue proteins.

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McIntosh Pro Line DMac™


DMac™ has proven to be a successful joint supplement. Designed for Doug McIntosh to use in his stable to maintain healthy joints for horses in training and racing. DMac™ is also an essential tool in providing the proper nutrients to stimulate proper bone development in growing yearlings to prepare them for a life of strenuous competition.

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The following Ice Horse products are highly recommended by veterinarians and myself for therapeutic use on horses joints:

ICE HORSE® Tendon Wraps with FIRST+ICE® inserts

Quality insulated cannon bone leg wraps that stay cold up to two (2) hours. Re usable after a minimum of three hours in the freezer. Patented propylene glycol formula, food grade for quality assurance and non toxic properties.

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ICE HORSE® Long Knee to Ankle Wrap with Support Suspender

This insulated extra long wrap covers both front legs from knee to ankle. Includes 12 re-freezable inserts (6 for each leg wrap). Also includes adjustable "suspender" which goes over the withers and attaches to each side of the knee to ankle wrap to prevent slippage.

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ICE HORSE® Hock Wrap with FIRST+ICE® inserts

The hock is the most complex joint in the horse body. This wrap provides uniform consistent coverage to reduce swelling and heat in the front and back of the hock. Three staps are used to configure the hock wrap to different sized hocks.

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ICE HORSE® Big Black Boot with Polymer Shoe

Takes hassle out of cooling a horses hoof in the presence of Laminitis or a stone bruise. One size fits all. Cooling inserts mold the cold from the hoof toe to the Coronet Band. Contains two inserts, one polymer shoe for horse comfort and support. Unique elastic strap configuration mold the boot to the hoof.

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